Wolf Loescher feels at home in many places: behind a microphone, behind a drum kit, behind a computer keyboard; on a stage, on a boat, on a mountain; in a kilt, in sneakers and jeans, in a swim suit; at a house concert, at a local music venue, at a large international music festival. And his music reflects this.

He has also called many places home: California, Arizona, Texas, Scotland, Minnesota, and now Colorado. And each place has contributed to his musical DNA.

Over the 20 years since his last solo ablum he has made many friends, learned many songs, heard many stories, and now he is ready to share them. And to make new friends, learn more songs, and hear more stories.

Some say that you have to leave home to truly appreciate it…but for Wolf Loescher, he had to leave home to find it.

Wolf is joined on stage by a rotating cast of fabulous musician friends from all over the country, affectionatley referred to as “The Growlers”.