Sheep’s Clothing

Sheep's Clothing

Released March 1, 2020
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Scooter Muse at Saddell Abbey Studio
Produced by Wolf Loescher and Matthew Williams
Graphic design by Tony Horning


Wolf Loescher – Vocals, Bouzouki, Percussion
Scooter Muse – Acoustic Guitar, MIDI Bass, MIDI Percussion
Jil Chambless – Vocals, Flute, Whistle
Beth Paxton – Vocals, Bass, Charango, Antara
Rich Brotherton – Electric Guitar
Mari Black – Fiddle
Tim Britton – Flute, Whistle, Small Pipes
EJ Jones – Flute, Whistle
Frances Cunningham – Tenor Banjo, Vocals
Gordon McLeod – Fiddle, Whistle
David Bade – Bass, Cello
Jeremy Greenhouse – Fiddle
Rodger Harrison – Bass
Kendall Rodgers – Accordion
Amanda Williams Ware – Vocals, Claps
Rachel Williams – Vocals, Claps
Matthew Williams – Tamborine, Claps


An anthem of hope and rightous anger that reminds us there are things worth fighting for. Deanna was a great singer, a great songwriter, and a great person…and her passing has left a giant Deanna-shaped hole in my universe.

Words by Deanna Smith Scotland, Music by Wolf Loescher
© Off Hand Productions
WL – Vocals, Bouzouki, Percussion
SM – Acoustic Guitar
RB – Electric guitar
RH – Bass
EJ – Flute, whistle
FC – Tenor banjo, Vocals
JC – Vocals
AW – Vocals
RW – Vocals

Cold Missouri Waters

Dedicated to forest firefighters everywhere, but especially the smokejumpers. Based on the book “Young Men and Fire” by Norman Maclean.

Words and music by James Keelaghan
© BMG Bumblebee o/b/o Green Linnet Music
WL – Vocals, Bouzouki, Percussion
SM – Guitar
RH – Bass
JG – Violin
DB – Cello

Tramps and Hawkers

Learned from the singing of The Corries and Battlefield Band.

Traditional (Scotland)
WL – Vocals, Bouzouki, Percussion
SM – Guitar, MIDI bass
JC – Vocal, Flute, Whistle

Bill Hosie

“A love that dare not speak it’s name” between a man and his restored vintage seaplane.

Words and Music by Archie Fisher
© Mechanical Copyright Protection Society, Ltd
WL – Vocals, bouzouki
SM – Acoustic guitars, MIDI bass, MIDI percussion
KR- Accordion
TB – Whistle

Free in the Harbor

Jobs change over time everywhere, and this song is about Canadian whalers who found new jobs in the oilfields of Alberta. Someday, somebody is going to write a song about autonomous vehicles taking over the trucking industry.

Words and Music by Stan Rogers
© Fogarty’s Cove and Cole Harbour Music
WL – Vocals, Bouzouki, Percussion
SM – Guitar
JC – Vocal
BP – Bass
GM – Fiddle, Whistle

Lads Among Heather

A song of Scottish pride that I learned from The Corries.

Traditional (Scotland)
WL – Lead vocal, bouzouki, percussion
SM – Guitars, MIDI bass
JC – Harmony vocal
KR – Accordion
TB – Flute, small pipes


I went out on a bit of limb covering such an iconic song, but thanks to my musical collaborators I think we managed to do justice to this beautiful song.

Words and Music by John Denver, Mike Taylor, and Dick Kniss
© Kobalt Music Pub America I o/b/o Dino Park Publishing, Reservoir Media Music
© Kobalt Music Pub America I o/b/o JdLegacy Publishing
© Wc Music Corp. o/b/o Jesse Belle Denver
© Kobalt Music Pub America I o/b/o My Pop’s Songs, and CopyrightControl

WL – Lead vocal, bouzouki, percussion
SM – Guitars, MIDI bass
JC – Harmony vocal, flute, whistle
MB – Violin

Johnny Gallacher

Yet another Scottish song about the joys of taking the “King’s shilling” and joining the army.

Traditional (Scotland)
WL – Vocals, bouzouki
SM – Guitars, MIDI bass
TB – Whistle

If I Had a Boat

My Texas roots are showing! Deanna suggested I balance out the album with some “lighter” songs, and I always loved her version of this one.

Words and Music by Lyle Lovett
© Michael H Goldsen, Inc.
WL – Vocals, Bouzouki, Percussion
SM – Guitar
JC – Vocals, Whistle
RH – Bass
KR – Accordion
GM – Fiddle

Inside Every Sailor

It’s all about perspective.

Words and Music by Tom Lewis
© Self Propelled Music
WL – Vocals

Three Thousand Miles

Growing up in Central Texas, I thought that Eau Claire, Wisconsin sounded like an exotic, mystical place (kind of like Narnia or Middle Earth)…until I actually went there.

Words and Music by Ellis Paul
© Ellis Paul Publishing
WL – Vocals, Bouzouki, Percussion
SM – Acoustic Guitars
RB – Electric Guitar
JC – Vocals
DB – Bass
AW – Vocals, Claps
RW – Vocal, Claps
MW – Tamborine, Claps

Take Some Fire

An original song by my friend Beth, who joins me on bass, vocals, antara, charango, chupacabra, chimichanga, and all you can eat churros.

Words and Music by Beth Paxton
© Speak Jolly Music, BMI
WL – Vocals, Bouzouki, Percussion
SM – Guitar
BP – Vocals, Bass, Charango, Antara

Thanks to…

Christina – the greatest fan of my life. Cidnie Carroll for vocal coaching and encouragement, the Quillin quorum, Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, North Texas Irish Festival, the Piper Jones Band, Sweet Colleens, Paul Broussard @ Leap Studios, Scott Hill, Christopher Smith, Alexander Stewart, Richard & Janell Kean, Alison Madson, Hollywood & Jefe (the focus group), all my Kickstarter backers, and all the talented musicians and recording engineers who contributed to this project.

Dedicated to my friend and musical collaborator Deanna Smith Scotland…
“Love is all encompasing, and the circle must expand.”

…and to Neil Ellwood Peart, OC
“We are only immortal for a limited time.” “Be your own hero.”