Coronavirus causes mass gig cancellations – what can you do?

There have been gig cancellations all over the place, affecting high and low alike. This is the right thing to do — health and safety always come first — but it doesn’t make it any easier for musicians who are trying to make a living. (And don’t forget the support staff downstream — the venues, the restaurant workers, the janitorial staff, and on and on and on.)

We will get through this…but it’s not going to be easy, and it’s not going to be quick. We’ll have to be creative, and and we’ll have to be compassionate.

For the time being, here are five great FREE ways to support your favorite musicians right now:

  1. Share music and videos…”the circle must expand”!
  2. Follow and comment…engagement brings more engagement
  3. Rate and write short reviews…copy and paste to different platforms
  4. Make public playlists on Spotify and share them with friends
  5. Join the mailing list

For more suggestions and details, see this excellent blog post by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers.

Author: Wolf Loescher

Wolf Loescher is a singer / storyteller based in Longmont, Colorado. He sings songs and tells stories from the Old World and the New, accompanying himself on his custom 8-string Irish bouzouki, tenor guitar, and foot percussion.