New Herb Taylor Custom Bouzouki

I am the proud new owner of Herb Taylor custom bouzouki #220! Herb is a world-class lutheir based in Golden, CO (about an hour from my house), and he has built custom bouzoukis for some of the best players in the world. Here’s the description of my new baby from his website:

This is an arch-top Irish bouzouki made of Australian blue eucalyptus (it’s the bark which is a blue color) and Sitka spruce top, with ebony trim and gold hardware. Currently tuned GDAD but GDAE is equally easy. All my usual features – internal compression strut, bolt-on adjustable neck joint, modern 2-way truss rod, etc. Scale is 25″. Tone is clear with clean attack and long sustain.

When I purchased my bouzouki, I also picked up one for my friend David Quillin (a fabulous bagpiper, videographer, and all around musician) who lives in North Carolina. I’ll be hand delivering it to him as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic makes it safe to do so.

Number 240 is a basic flat top Irish bouzouki (GDAD or GDAE tuning) with little eye-candy to hold the price down. Body wood is Pacific madrone and top is western red cedar. Scale length is 648 mm or 25-1/2 inches. The only decoration is rosewood top binding to protect the edges of the soft top wood, and a black veneer on the back of peghead. Finger board and head veneer are tropical chechen. Construction is simple also with straight across top bracing. The sound is very strong and would hold up to any Irish session. It has all my standard features such as zero fret, side port, adjustable bolt on neck, internal compression strut and modern two way truss rod. Basic hard case.

Author: Wolf Loescher

Wolf Loescher is a singer / storyteller based in Longmont, Colorado. He sings songs and tells stories from the Old World and the New, accompanying himself on his custom 8-string Irish bouzouki, tenor guitar, and foot percussion.