Meet “Finbar”

I’d like to officially introduce a new addition to the family: Herb Taylor custom bouzouki #262. He has been named “Finbar” (due to the F holes).

Herb is a world-class luthier based in Golden, CO (about an hour from my house), and he has built custom bouzoukis for some of the best players in the world. Unbeknownst to me, he built this instrument while building my custom order, and used many of the same specs and features. I strummed it one time, and immediately decided he needed to come home with me. He has several splendid instruments looking for good homes – check ’em out here:

Author: Wolf Loescher

Wolf Loescher is a singer / storyteller based in Longmont, Colorado. He sings songs and tells stories from the Old World and the New, accompanying himself on his custom 8-string Irish bouzouki, tenor guitar, and foot percussion.